2nd grade, D @5 days.

sepia print from the 60’s

I am so happy to write this post because I have a huge desire to share my love of black and white images with everyone.  Perhaps this will date me, however, I am willing to accept my fate.

I remember seeing my first polaroid image and even then I thought “how pretty” were my exact words. Devoid of all color and I was so fine with the absence. It came from a 1962 Polaroid Land Camera and true be told… I have that camera to this day.

I am bringing back the etheral look of Black and white portraits.  I love it and I want you too, as well. There is so much color everywhere and frankly, I want to remove it all together for my body of work.

Back to the minimalistic way of doing photography.  Do you remember Henri Cartier-Bresson? Elliott Erwitt? Gordon Parks?  I am telling you the great classics that adorned us with only beautiful black and white images.  Some or part of the reason is because color was not available. Film photography- where you only have one shot to get it right.  You may or may not get it technically correct and the not-so-perfect ended up being perfect.

Wait, hold on I almost forgot something (HUGE) and that is this- film especially is a very forgiving medium on our skin, fine lines and etc.  You gotta love that!

#my_autoportrait_self_in blackandwhite


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