Why you need a professional portrait

Personal Branding

These days as you may have noticed, brands need much more than just a regular headshot. You must, must set yourself apart and stand out in your field.  Andrea Snow Portraits can help you with that.

I can create a portrait of you that puts forth your style and helps you stand out in your industry.  Be it a personal trainer, college graduate entering the big world, corporate executive or small home-based business.  We will create stunning images that will help to increase your exposure.

Why is personal branding important?

First of all, personal branding is how you create the image of yourself that you want people to see. It is a dynamic, ongoing process wherein you present to the world what you do, why someone should choose you and what sets you apart from the rest of the world. It conveys information about you: your work, your skill, education, character, what you want to achieve, what you can do. Good personal branding creates trust and credibility. While building a personal brand takes time, it will make you recognizable in the ways that you want and most of all, carry your reputation to the audience you desire. We make you look approachable.


Visual elements of personal branding

While there is a lot (a lot!) that goes into it, the basic visual elements of personal branding can include:

A logo and possible variations of it (sometimes called submarks)

A color pallet


Photos of you. At least one, though more than one is a good idea.

The visual elements of your personal branding will be seen across the web; your site, social media, printed material if any and your resume. While it’s a process that calls on a lot of things, the visuals of your branding will most likely be the first thing your audience will

Why you need a professional portrait

For all of our technology and online communication in our world today, we humans are primarily visual creatures. We take selfies at every turn, we look into each other’s eyes. We need to connect. A great portrait can trigger an emotional connection in a way nothing else can.

Furthermore, we like to see who we’re talking to and working with. Especially relevant, the right portrait presents you as a real person that people can connect to. It can convey authenticity in a deep and immediate way. Because of this, even the biggest businesses use film and photos of people to create an idea of being real and honest and human.

I can create the right personal branding portrait for you

While you may have had a traditional portrait in the past, this is different. We will create a portrait for you that is wholly unlike the cookie cutter headshots that you are used to. I work with natural lighting, which is not the same as a headshot done with a studio lighting set up. Rather, it creates a real, recognizable portrait. Most notably, natural light is particularly advantageous for women. We just look good in portraits with good natural lighting.

We begin with your consultation to customize you portrait session tailored to your brand personality.  My makeup team creates your professional polished look, primping you for your session, where you will be coached into flattering poses to highlight your brand, product or service.  Your session includes 1-3. If you haven’t had a portrait done before, don’t worry. We’ve got this.

I specialize in natural light portraiture because it creates an image that is both flattering and authentic. Whether in color or black and white, natural light creates a portrait that looks like you. It shows you in a way that is different than a studio lighting set up. Natural light creates an exceptional portrait, showing what is exceptional about you.

Your face will appear across the net.   Get one you love.