I am now booking 30 MINUTE VALENTINE’S DAY MINI SESSIONS for YOU the busy woman who wants to give herself the gift of beautiful photos of herself, perhaps a mini boudoir shoot or for the couple who wants to document their love for each other.

My shoots are fun, light and designed with you in mind.  Come in for a shoot just for you.

All sessions are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.  Time: 10 am-3pm.

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Location: Private downtown Tacoma Studio.

Session Fee: $125.00

Prints start at $45.00

Digital File Upgrade: $150 for a complete set of High Res Digital Files.

Upgrade to a 5×5 Beautiful Photo book: $45.00 (Sample book in Studio)

All orders/products avail for pickup February 8th in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day.



  1. Do I come back to the studio to view and order prints?  No, I have an order form in the studio and clients pay their session and order any products they want at the end of the session.  My clients are busy and they want easy and convenient and this is what I provide.
  2. Could I be photographed with my Mom?  Of course, you may bring anyone you want to.
  3. What are the delivery dates?  All orders will be avail for pick up no later than February 8, 2017


“Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.” ~Anais Nin

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2nd grade, D @5 days.

sepia print from the 60’s

I am so happy to write this post because I have a huge desire to share my love of black and white images with everyone.  Perhaps this will date me, however, I am willing to accept my fate.

I remember seeing my first polaroid image and even then I thought “how pretty” were my exact words. Devoid of all color and I was so fine with the absence. It came from a 1962 Polaroid Land Camera and true be told… I have that camera to this day.

I am bringing back the etheral look of Black and white portraits.  I love it and I want you too, as well. There is so much color everywhere and frankly, I want to remove it all together for my body of work.

Back to the minimalistic way of doing photography.  Do you remember Henri Cartier-Bresson? Elliott Erwitt? Gordon Parks?  I am telling you the great classics that adorned us with only beautiful black and white images.  Some or part of the reason is because color was not available. Film photography- where you only have one shot to get it right.  You may or may not get it technically correct and the not-so-perfect ended up being perfect.

Wait, hold on I almost forgot something (HUGE) and that is this- film especially is a very forgiving medium on our skin, fine lines and etc.  You gotta love that!

#my_autoportrait_self_in blackandwhite



Within a three hour period.  hint: It’s not what you think.

I have been photographing women for almost a decade now.  With that comes the unique experience of more than not, witnessing the harshness that we as women place on ourselves. This is not a behavior limited to the plus size sessions … however, it is across the board pertaining to all shapes and sizes.

In fact, in a lot of instances, it’s the women with seemingly the perfect face and body that tend to demonstrate the most insecurities.

I am really, seriously good at feeling the emotions of my clients.  It’s not because I am a guru of any sort it’s just that I have been many of these women at one time or another, in one way or another.

Too skinny

Too tall

Too short

Too dark

Too light

Too small

basically, not enough.

It is very heavy, very heavy carrying around all of these insecurities.

I DO NOT MEAN PHYSICAL WEIGHT (AND THIS IS MEANT FOR YOU TOO, SIZE 3 SWEETIE…), but the emotional weight that comes with our life long programmed self-loathing dialogue.  These damn burdens are “gifted” to us by our mother or father, sister, an old boyfriend, the magazine cover at the grocery store, lingerie catalog etc.


The burden is real, so is the struggle. It is not your burden to carry.  It is your right to set it FREE.

So today what I want to talk about… is NOT about losing weight for your photo session, but how about perhaps BECAUSE OF IT.

When you set aside that day, to yourself, you are losing that weight.

When you choose to shed any inhibitions and let someone else “SEE” you, you are shedding the weight.

When you allow me to form your most beautiful features, you are shedding the weight.

When you enable yourself to indulge in what you deserve, you are losing the weight.

When you refuse to accept the judgments of others, you are dropping the weight.


Science proves this to be true, I looked it up. Twice.

Sometimes a client will delay booking a boudoir or beauty session because she worries that she won’t like the images because of these hangups.  I promise she will.  NOT because I am an arrogant photographer… but because I choose to see her best self.

I know how to photograph the best self  features.  It’s not about photoshop magic.  It’s just the principles of posing, composition, and lighting.

And, the one mathematical principle I use often:  The sum is always greater than its parts.


Come shed some weight with me.  I am here for you. I am ready for you.

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I have always been enamored by shooting nudes.  The body is the most beautiful, natural thing we possess in our life.  The way it changes, how it gives life and how it makes us alluring. Yes, alluring.

As a photographer, I look for what is photogenic from people to places to the design of a still life. 

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The art of the female form is accepted and celebrated by my studio.  We will photograph artistic, sensually elegant fine art nude images if requested.  Your personal level of comfort and modesty are my top priority.



The majority of my clients are so enamored with their session and images they typically have no problem with being featured within my online galleries. However, this intimate experience is yours to decide.  Every image is protected and considered a private work of art.  Although I love to celebrate every beauty I photograph, I take your privacy very seriously.


My Sitting fee is $190   Images start at $275 and go up from there.